3NTR is a leading industrial FDM 3D printer manufacturer for its high quality products. Its printers stand out for their robustness, size, versatility and for having all the elements that an industrial 3D printer must have, including HEPA filters.

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3NTR: Experience and quality

3NTR is an Italian company founded by Davide Ardizzola. Since its inception, its commitment has been the development of robust and stable 3D printers that allow long prints without pause, designed for an industrial environment.

Based on the company's more than 50 years of experience in the field of industrial automation, they have developed 3NTR equipment, which has advantages not offered by any other competitor.

3NTR A4 and A2

Its star products are the 3NTR A2 and the 3NTR A4, two industrial 3D printers that stand out for their ease of use, minimum maintenance and do not require calibrations once installed.

The 3NTR A2  is a robust 3D printer, with a solid construction that allows to obtain excellent performance thanks to triple extruder technology to print the most complex geometries with various materials (for example, one flexible and one rigid, along with another support soluble).

The 3NTR A4 is a 3D printer with half the printing volume with respect to its superior version, with three extruders and has a temperature controlled print chamber, which allows printing all types of industrial filaments on the market, being able to reach reach an extrusion temperature of 450 °C.

Compatible materials

With a maximum extrusion temperature of 410 ºC, 135 ºC base and 80ºC chamber, no part resists these industrial 3D printers, allowing parts of more than half a meter long to be manufactured with materials prone to warping, such as ABS, without any problem and with a high level dimensional stability. Advanced filaments, such as PEI or PEKK,  need an environment with a very stable temperature, and very high printing temperature (400 ºC extrusion), properties that both 3NTR A2 and 3NTR A4 meet without problem.