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  • Copper 3D

    Copper3D is a manufacturer of antibacterial filaments. His work is focused on developing and manufacturing valid materials for any FDM 3D printer on the market and thus being able to manufacture parts free of bacteria. Thanks to the alloy of its filaments with copper nanoparticles, they have the property of eliminating fungi, bacteria and viruses in a few hours.

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    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

    Copper3D: Innovation and Experience

    Copper3D is a Chilean company born from the union of engineers, physiotherapists and doctors with the aim of solving the dermal problems suffered by patients who use prostheses. More than 40% of the amputees and also many other patients who use prostheses, suffer some dermal disorder due to the high bacterial load that these medical products present in contact with the skin. To cover this cadence, Copper3D has developed new polymers for 3D printing with an additive containing copper nanoparticles, highly effective in eliminating fungi, viruses and bacteria, but safe for humans in the correct concentrations.

    PLACTIVE AN1 (Antibacterial)

    PLACTIVE AN1 it is a new nanocomposite formed by high quality PLA and an additive of copper nanoparticles (1 % - 2 %) with advanced properties such as the elimination of 99.9 % of fungi, viruses and other bacteria. It is valid for manufacturing postoperative prostheses and surgical equipment. In addition, it is a thermoforming and environmentally friendly filament.

    The advanced antibacterial properties of the PLACTIVE AN1 with ideal for the entire medical ecosystem and its ease of printing makes it accessible for all types of users and 3D printers.