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    Nanovia is a French manufacturer of filaments and products for 3D printing specialized in offering technical products. Highlights its range of advanced filaments, which include materials used in the aerospace sector such as PEI, PEI CF, PEKK or PEKK CF.

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    Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items

    Nanovia: Advanced filaments

    Nanovia is a French company with extensive experience in the development and production of intelligent chemical products for advanced materials, including filaments and products for 3D FDM printing. The French manufacturer guarantees a rigorous control of the formulation of the raw material and of the whole process of extrusion of the filament, which ensures the best mechanical and geometric properties of each material.

    This manufacturer has a series of filaments with such advanced mechanical properties that are used in the aeronautical sector, such as the filaments of the PAEK family. The PEKK (PolyEtherKetoneKetone) has a semicrystalline structure that provides a great resistance to compression and a chemical resistance to a huge amount of fluids. The PEI (ULTEM 1010) has the highest thermal resistance in the 3D printing FDM / FFF sector. In addition, these two filaments are available with carbon fiber alloy to further increase their mechanical properties and facilitate their printing.

    PETG CF: Durable and easy to print

    Another material that stands out in the Nanovia catalog is the PETG CF (PETG with Carbon fiber), a durable filament even in adverse environments for many other materials used in 3D printing. In addition, PETG CF is one of the easiest and most stable materials for printing parts and models regardless of their size.

    The PETG CF is a material oriented for users who need to make structural parts and exposed to high mechanical stresses. Therefore, many branches of engineering and even medicine use this material to make their prototypes and final pieces. In particular, the paramedic sector often uses this material to make accessories and components for their patients, such as prosthetics or adaptable parts of wheelchairs.

    Special products for 3D printing

    As an expert in intelligent chemical products for advanced materials, Nanovia has a series of products to keep a 3D printer fully operational and to post-process any type of piece made by 3D printing.

    Plastimperm F10 is a chemical compound designed to repel water, solvents and oils, something very interesting in industrial fields where the elements manufactured by 3D FDM printing are in contact with fats and other common chemicals in industrial equipment. Another product that stands out is the smoothing coating,  a spray that stabilizes the surface layer of the piece on which it is applied, obtaining a uniform and resistant result ideal for outdoor applications, with the availability of matte or gloss finish.