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Advanced CDB technology

Moiin designs and manufactures high quality 3D printing resins for various applications in many sectors. The Moiin resins are open system materials compatible with the DLP, LCD and SLA 3D printing technologies. All Moiin materials use the Moiin proprietary CDB technology in the form of a chemical component present in all Moiin resins, optimized for each individual material to guarantee best performance. CDB stands for "Cure Depth Barrier" and it ensures that the overcuring in the Z axis is significantly minimized. As a result, objects 3D printed with the Moiin resins display an exceptionally high level of precision and dimensional stability.

Versatile, reliable and exact

The Moiin catalog of products includes 3D printing resins for applications as diverse as medicine, jewellry design, metal casting, wax processing, and much more. The Moiin resins can be used for the creation of prototypes, detailed models and functional objects thanks to their advanced properties ranging from flexibility, transparency, or excellent surface finish to resistance to high temperatures, rigidity or castability. The Moiin product portfolio expands continuously to answer the most specialized needs of the 3D printing market as well as various industrial, design, medical, education and science, and engineering sectors.