Lattice Services

Lattice Services has been providing innovative 3D printing solutions for diverse applications in the medical sector since 2020, with the mission to make medical additive manufacturing and polymer-based tissue engineering accessible.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Lattice Services is born

Lattice Services is a French company born from the expertise of Lattice Medical (a biomedical company that combines tissue engineering and 3D printing) in 2020. Lattice Services is dedicated to the design, production and commercialization of medical grade 3D printing filaments for the development of accessible implantable medical devices and innovative implants with the help of polymer-based tissue engineering.

Competence, versatility and quality

For Lattice Services competence, versatility and quality are of utmost importance. The company's value chain allows Lattice Services to meet the needs of various entities that would like to integrate additive manufacturing into their project research, such as laboratories, medical device companies or FabLabs. The Lattice Services products and solutions have been recognized multiple times with awards such as Ruban Rose (2017), i-Lab (2018), I-Nov (2020), or France Relance and EIC Accelerator (2021).

The Lattice Services catalog

The result of the Lattice Services experience and know-how in the medical additive manufacturing sectors results in an impressive portfolio of medical grade 3D printing filaments manufactured by Lattice Services on their premises from 100 % skin contact certified medical grade polymers. Some of the Lattice Service materials include ABS, PC, PETG and TPE, suitable for prototyping, surgical planning, medical device components, medical packaging, orthopedic devices or medical electronic devices designed for contact with the patient's skin.