Filastruder firmly believes in the power of giving back, in the importance of education and being eco-friendly. They are well known for Filastruder and Filawinder, two devices that help to make and spool filament in an easy way.

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How Filastruder came to be

The origins of Filastruder lie in a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 and since then Filastruder have been striving to provide solutions to the most common problems in 3D printing by improving print quality and enhance the printing experience. In their own words, Filastruder wants to to provide access to products that make 3D printing more enjoyable and less frustrating.

The Filastruder mission

Filastruder strongly believes in the value of education and wants to provide opportunities and safe, engaging learning environments by empowering under resourced schools in the area of Atlanta, Georgia (US) with learning grants. Furthermore, Filastruder, strives to be as close to zero waste as possible by reusing and recydcling their packaging, as well as being 100 % solar-powered. The third pillar of the Filastruder mission is to give back to the 3D printing community by means of sponsorships and other forms of support.

The Filastruder products

Filastruder is most known for the Filastruder Kit and the Filawinder Kit - devices that enable the user to easily produce filament on demand, in the desired color and size. Filastruder is responsible for the extrusion part from pellts while Filawinder helps to spool the produced filament in a steady way as the Filastruder extrudes it. Both devices are sturdy with high quality elements, and are easy to use - a great addition to the 3D printing workflow.