Liqcreate is a Dutch designer and manufacturer of thoroughly tested premium photopolymers for SLA and DLP 3D printing for general use, or creative or engineering purposes in a wide range of sectors. 

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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items

The Liqcreate brand mission

In their brand mission, Liqcreate puts strong emphasis on four key elements: quality, knowledge, variety and genuineness. All Liqcreate resins are tested thoroughly to ensure they will deliver the features and quality promised. The Liqcreate team of experts on photopolymers and 3D printing ensures that the resins can support the most demanding applications while being easy to use at the same time. At Liqcreate, genuineness shows in all process, manufacturing and business practices.

Resins for every application

The 3D printing resins manufactured by Liqcreate are suitable for diverse applications not only in prototyping but also in industrial manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare, automotive and entertainment. The comprehensive Liqcreate portfolio includes general purpose, premium, creative, engineering, dental and castable resins.

Advanced properties

Liqcreate products are all characterized by low odor, high accuracy and ease of use. Resins with more specific features also form part of the Liqcreate catalog, for example resins that offer a smooth surface, soft touch, fast printing, or advanced characteristics like extreme flexibility, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, improved impact resistance, weather resistance, low shrinkage, glow in the dark properties or rechargeability by light.