Lynxter is a French manufacturer of modular and multi material industrial 3D printers. Their solutions are adapted to a multi-process manufacturing workflow and allow work with thermoplastics, silicones and pastes.

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The start of something big

Lynxter was founded in 2016 in the Basque Country in France by three friends. Just two years later the S600D machine was released, which marked a new generation of modular and open machines that challenge conventions within the industry. In 2019 Lynxter pushed the envelope once more by elaborating toolheads for printing with liquids.

Responsible 3D printing

At the core of Lynxter’s activities is the mission to agilize manufacturing processes while at the same time optimizing the use of natural resources. This is why Lynxter provides tools and solutions to the most innovative product developers and engineers to contribute to the rethinking of industrial design, production and supply.

Transforming industries

Lynxter’s additive manufacturing solutions are helping transform the thinking and processes involved in industrial manufacturing. Lynxter has so far contributed in the development of sectors such as healthcare and research by means of smart innovation in the fields of rapid prototyping, maintenance and even prosthetics and orthotics.